Founder / Artist / Owner

Prof. Osman Elamin Shibir 
Khartoum / Sudan

Executive Director / Co-Founder
Inquiries for the permanent Collection, Exhibition and Copyright

Mrs. Mayada Shibir
Berlin / German 

[email protected]
+49 176 344 976 00

Department of Academic Art 

Director of Academic Art

Dr. Shangal Hassan
Addis Ababa / Ethiopia (Khartoum / Sudan) 

[email protected]

Department of Archeology and Stolen Artifacts 

Principal Advisor for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Preservation

Dr. Ikhlas Abdllatief Ahmed
Director of Museums Sector in NCAM

Cairo / Egypt   
  [email protected] 

Curatorial Department
Curator and Advisor for Exhibitions and Programms 

Miss. Mae Shummo
London / United Kingdom
[email protected]

Fundraising Department
Principal Advisor for Grants, Funding and Project Implementation

Mr. Ali Nour
Consultant - Heritage Preservation Society

Rapporteur of NCM's Emergency Response Committee 

Cairo / Egypt  (Khartoum / Sudan)
[email protected]

Shibir Nilotic Gallery For Modern African Art


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